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​​​When a person is passive, opportunities are lost and unpleasant situation are tolerated.

In time, bad feelings can build to a point where one more event can trigger an explosion of resentment that in turn provokes criticism or rejection.

Think for a moment what your Assertiveness has cost you in terms of your relationships, health, employment and financially. How does that make you feel?

Are you feeling stuck and don't know what to do?

A little fact you may not know is that you have a choice regarding your assertiveness behavior. ​And not knowing this has probably held you back in several areas of your life.

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Coaching Louisville Ky Life Coaching

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The best predictor of experiencing a positive outcome by enrolling in this program is your willingness to honestly examine and admit the consequences of your assertiveness behavior.


  • Learning Assertive Communication Skills used in a variety of settings to improve your relationships both work and personal
  • Distinguish Assertive from Aggressive and Passive communication
  • Distinguish Assertive Rights from myths about assertive behavior
  • Exploring your fears about being Assertive