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Communication contributes to the success or failure of any relationship. If the communication is ineffective, issues come up and very likely never get resolved. Unresolved issues are a large part of the problem I see when clients come to learn how to communicate in relationships, marriage and in the workplace.

Each individual involved in the process of communicating bring their own uniqueness and experiences to each encounter. Through processes of interaction, the result can be negative or positive. Every individual wants to feel like they have been heard and their thoughts taken into consideration.

With focus on interaction - talking and listening - this training develops 3 important dynamics in the relationship...individuation, consideration and collaboration.

I use the COUPLE COMMUNICATION I™ and CORE COMMUNCIATION™ programs to teach a practical set of talking and listening skills. It includes:

Choosing Communication Styles™ — with a map for you to:

  • Identify ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening
  • Improve the quality of your communication

Using the Awareness Wheel™ — a tool to:

  • Understand yourself and situations better, a foundation for effective communication
  • Apply 6 talking skills to connect in a clear and constructive way

Applying the Listening Cycle™— a guide to:

  • Tune in accurately to the person you are interacting
  • Use 5 productive listening skills

Mapping Issues — a 9-step process that combines the talking and listening skills for you to:

  • Make decisions and resolve conflicts collaboratively

Gain skills and tools that improve every aspect of your life — with your partner, your family and friends, and with people at work and elsewhere.


  • Communicate more effectively
  • Make better decisions
  • Create faster, better resolutions to conflict
  • Increase satisfaction as you strengthen your relationship

I am certain this program can help you as an individual, couple or family, so contact me right away and let's get started changing your life for the better immediately.

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