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Marilyn Marrett

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Coaching is action oriented. It is also about moving forward, not dwelling in the past. It doesn't matter how you got where you are or who is to "blame" for the way things have turned out. What does matter is where you are right now or better yet, where you would like to be.

We will investigate your options, define your dreams and move forward with great momentum and clarity of vision, enhancing your quality of life. I can help you clarify your life's purpose, goals and vision while providing you the support and encouragement to design you life. Together we can tap into your core desires and talents to form your ideal life goals whether it is a new career or a new relationship.

I work with highly motivated individuals who are seeking ways to improve their potential and develop an increase in self-esteem and confidence. Whether we work on one issue in your life or the full prospective, you will walk away with tools that will enhance your life experience in every aspect.

Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built around honesty, assisting individuals in their endeavors to create the life they desire by taking massive action. My clients find themselves doing more than they would do on their own due to more effective and focused action. They also find they are able to create momentum and consistency with professional coaching, making them feel more balanced and living a fuller life.

Building a strong partnership with me as your coach will allow you to expand your resources, influence, potential and results. Simply put, good partnerships produce good results. For partnerships to be productive, the partners must be compatible in vision, approach and work processes. They must realize the importance of communication. This kind of a relationship fosters trust, which in turn, is the foundation of a successful endeavor. Start today, building this type of partnership with me.

  • Life Transitions
  • Relationship Building

​Marilyn Marrett
Coaching Louisville KY

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Welcome to Coaching Louisville Ky. My name is Marilyn Marrett and my passion is providing my clients with strategies that can help make the necessary changes in your life that will produce joy and passion every day. I am able to help you make the positive strategies that could transform your life the way you envision your life to be.

Coaching Louisville KY is a professional life coaching service that provides support, encouragement, feedback, insights and guidance for anyone that is ready, willing and able to move forward in fulfilling their hearts desire.

Our located is 804 Stone Creek Parkway, Suite 7, Louisville Kentucky 40223.​

I am dedicated to providing coaching and assistance in developing strategies in which to achieve life changing goals in the areas of...

  • Professional Advancement​
  • Career Opportunities
  • Financial Improvement