"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans
​to give you hope and a future."  
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

​"What the mind of man conceives, and he believes, he can achieve."
​Napoleon Hill

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Everyone can have the benefits of having their own personal life coach. People who are serious about change know that they need to make it happen, but they also realize they may not be able to do it alone. Hiring a life coach can make a huge difference in the speed in which you can achieve successful results in your relationships and your career.

Get your life on track.  Hiring a Life Coach is your answer to having the confidence to reach your fullest potential.  Coaching is about where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there quickly.  Coaching gives you the tools to build confidence in yourself and assists you in figuring out how to start taking action.  Many times people need discipline, focus, direction, guidance and  accountability in order to get the results that allow you to enjoy life everyday.

As your coach, I will act as a guide to solutions for the challenges you face on a daily basis.  Benefits of a professional coach will help you improve your life overall by...

  •     Teaching you new processes and strategies
  •     Holding you accountable
  •     Moving you to the next level
  •     Showing you Time Management skills that help with  prioritizing and organizing
  •     Helping you gain confidence, awareness and consistent growth
  •     Assisting you in decision making
  •     And for your convenience, sessions can be over the telephone


Let's talk about what is keeping you up at night or what is freaking you out. Let me help you with the stress in your life.

If unwanted self-doubt and low self-esteem are causing inactivity and a feeling of being stuck, CALL ME TODAY!! Deciding to get professional help is the fastest way to making changes and feeling a sense of relief. I would love to speak to you about improving your current  situation and together building a powerful future.

Quotes to Live By

Confidence Building Strategies

Positive Coaching Strategies For Your Life

Coaching Louisville Ky Life Coaching

What are your dreams and plans for the rest of your life?

As a Certified Life Coach I offer understanding and effective coaching to assist you in achieving your goals in dating,
relationships and career transitions with confidence. I explore healthy and unhealthy patterns with my clients
​and develop strategies for change.  When you are empowered with new skills you will feel more
​confident in your decision making.

Do you feel stuck, unable to take consistent action and confidently make the necessary
decisions to generate the results you truly desire?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need an action plan to meet challenges and make the changes
you so desperately need in order to make your life more enjoyable?

Are you struggling with developing successful relationships, communication skills
or career opportunities in the way you want?

Do you want to advance to the next level in your career and enjoy the money, recognition, prestige and
​the benefits that come with the success?  Do you know what it will take?  As a Career Coach I can help you.

Are you able to communicate effectively in your relationship with your
​significant other, family members and coworkers?

Do you want to be in a loving, committed relationship instead of the endless merry-go-round of the dating world?​

At Coaching Louisville KY we offer Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Career Coaching and Personal  Coaching that help solve the issues in which you are currently struggling .